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V for Vraiment

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:43 pm
by vraiment

Official "V for Vraiment" Guide

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:46 pm
by vraiment
Well, I has always wanted to tell a BIG story, and I think I've finally found the way to tell it, by ASDF with V for Vraiment, so I want to expand it the more possible, thanks to you all for being my characters :)
This guide will tell you things about characters, sites and objects about V for Vraiment that is most based in.

First the places: In V for Vraiment, the places where the story occurs are called dimensions (nothing new for you guys), all the dimensions has their own physical space (or inclusive don't have it) and physical laws (this include time), only with special machines or abilities someone or something can move between dimensions, and that's not like going to the shop for some milk.
  • Hearth Dimension: This is our dimension and we DON'T TOUCH IT!
  • ASDF Dimension This dimension physical rules like the above except that the gravity don't affect the buildings so most buildings are flying around giving the look of kind of futuristic cities, but in here the people just have fun with each other, the capital city is the "A City" ruled by Philtom the ghost that follow direct orders from ASDF. A lot of time ago some JKL; beings find their way to ASDF dimension and started multiplying. Sometimes the JKL; beings attack cities and habitants and they have to defend themselves.
  • JKL; Dimension: In the beginning JKL; dimension was full of life and joy, but after the ASDF dimension was formed JKL; started hating ASDF for an unknown reason so he started a war against ASDF, war that JKL; lost. Now JKL; dimension is dark and just death walks in there.
  • The Purple Dimension: In this dimension all the things are purple, in here all the persons are clones of a purple being, they all can move to very high speeds and are linked to the same memory and brain. All the clones work in the same since the dimension was created, in what do they work? no one knows, but they are commanded by Purple.
  • The Ethereal Dimension: In here the physical space exist in a different way that the others dimensions, here matter can change from being something solid to be just light, so the people that live in there can transform themselves in light and walk thought physical objects, using this same principles they can move other objects without have direct contact with them, using just the light that is surrounding them.
Now characters, as far as this story is inspired in Comics books about super heroes (I've been reading a lot of DC Comics lately) I'll give a short bios of each character (most of them based in the wiki), and super power for each one.

  • Short story: A very little is know about Vraiment's origins, but one day he appeared in ASDF dimension with amnesia about his past, he lived among the ASDFers happy for some months and then he left ASDF dimension looking for answers about his past, now he has returned to stay in ASDF, despite no one knows if he made his objective.
  • Powers: The first time that Vraiment appeared in ASDF dimension he had powers to control water in any form and way (he could even create water from the free elements in the air), he was pretty powerful, after his return he was very weaken and he lost his water controlling, but now he can teleport things (this include himself) in the actual dimension or even between dimensions, he can cry to loud too and use it as an attack, detect when something is very dangerous (a trap indeed) and he got a little technopath capacities.
  • Short story: ThingerDudes comes from the Purple Dimension, one day one clone hit himself in the head by accident and the link to the central brain was damaged, so he started thinking by himself and wondering "Why are we doing this?", when he finally meet with Purple he was banished from his dimension to the ASDF dimension where he adopted the name "ThingerDudes" and now lives happy.
  • Powers: Once that ThingerDudes hit himself he learned that he could clone his body but his mind was still connected to all the cloned bodies. He can transform into a jelly that can move too, and as all the clones from The Purple Dimension he can run pretty fats.
  • Short story: Keja born from a rich family in the "F City" (the most distant big city from "A City"), his father was an retired military with a farm, since child he liked to be between cows, horses and weapons. When he was old enough he entered into the "F City Defense Force" for protect the town, but after some problems with the general in charge he quitted and started working as a mercenary calling himself "The Space Cowboy", by his works he started traveling between the "D City", "S City" and "A City", after some travels in this last one he moved in there and stopped his travels for make a living in there.
  • Powers: Keja doesn't have powers, but he is pretty strong and knows how to manage almost any weapon that cross his way. He carry with him all the time too little magnum pistols, an automatic riffle with grenade launcher, two little shotguns, a plasma pistol, a flame thrower, a rocket launcher and a "laser shotgun" that is a pistol made by ThingerDudes with amazing destructive powers, all this without need ammunition. He is pretty skillful in body combat.
  • Short story: He born in "A City" from normal parents, with the time he developed pyromania and, his parents worried about Arkie's life prayed to Philtom for curing his son, but Philtom with the help of ASDF give him immunity to fires and powers to control it. He grow up happy with his powers using them for his fun (without really hurting no one), when he was an adult he found Keja in "A City" while he made one of his trips and joined him, but a short after when he was in "F City" his parents died and Arkie returned to "A City", this event changed him from the rebel boy that cared about no one to a guy that was worried about what happened to everyone, so he joined the "A City Defense Force".
  • Powers: Akrannine can create fire and manipulate it. He's resistant to fire too and to high temperatures.
  • Short story: Atomtengeralattjaro also know as Atom, is a nuclear big (not giant) transformer, he was build for the war with JKL; by one of the brightest minds of ASDF dimension and originally was called unit A-TMTTJ. He archived many of the victories for ASDF. After the war was over his builder thought that to have such a powerful machine with all the remembers from the war could be dangerous, so he erased his memory and started traveling by the world, a little of time passed before his builder died, and Atom ended in "A City" where was taken by Philtom, he gave him a personality and a name: Atomtengeralattjaro. There Philtom installed CX Gamer in his inner systems before an avatar was builded for CX and they both became very close friends. He is one of the closest persons to Philtom and is the one who gives the face for him in "A City".
  • Powers: Atomtengeralattjaro is a transformer made for war, so he can select a vehicle or animal that he can transform, but he usually likes to transform into a submarine as far as this is the shape that was originally made for. He has torpedo launchers and that kind of stuff, he can fly too as long as he is in robot form.
CX Gamer
  • Short story: CX Gamer is an AI programmed for take care for "A City", it was designed to be very intelligent and learn by himself. After sometime he went rampant and started attacking "A City" inhabitants and allowed to JKL; beings to enter the city. When Philtom become aware of this he took CX Gamer out of the city systems programmed more little AI without the capacities of CX and started repairing CX. After CX left rampant state he was installed in Atomtengeralattjaro systems for they both work together under the rules of Philtom, they become close friends both CX wanted to move freely rather than be attached to someone's else body, so he asked Philtom for a body and he builded an avatar for him, that is basically a robot that allow CX to move and leave it when it's needed. When CX Gamer is not in his avatar this transforms into a crazy friendly face.
  • Powers: CX Gamer is an AI programmed for have high capacities in science field as well as be capable of defend the city, so he has some military skills. He can move his own program from one machine to another, and save it to a hard drive if there the machine where it is, it's going to shout down and has no another scape.
  • Short story: Shai'tan born in "D City", where he lived a normal and quiet live as painter. When he grow up he started practicing the ninja arts in the stealth division of the "D City Defense Force", he liked it so much and was so good that started participating in tournaments between the cities, finally he won the first place of the most important tournaments in "A City", for this Atom offered him an elite position in "A City Defense Force", position that Shai accepted.
  • Powers: Shai'tan is an amazing ninja, fast and invisible (almost literally) Shai'tan is one of the best soldiers in any Defense Force, he learned basic teleporting in the stealth division of the "D City Defense Force", thing that took him a loot of work, but he made it.
  • Short story: Blargen born in "A City", when he was a child his parents were murdered by an JKL; beings raid, he was filed with rage and started living by his own and didn't have friends. One day Blargen found a lost JKL; being out of the city and attacked it, the JKL; being was stronger than him and bit his arm, in that moment Blargen hate absorbed energy from the JKL; being and give him powers, then he killed the JKL; being and started roaming in the periphery of the city killing JKL; beings.
  • Powers: He got his power form the JKL; bite merged with his rage, as far as he's not from the JKL; dimension he got necromancer powers, this include power to health himself with some bondes and teleportation in the same dimension
  • Short story: Also known as "Mr. M", or Ml. He born in "A City" in a family of scientists, when he had aged enough he started helping his father with a experiment about preventing death Ml got photophobia and with the hope that the experiment would cure Ml his father used the experiment in him. He was partially healed but he kept studying and working for his father during a long time.
  • Powers: Before getting photophobia Ml tried different experiments that enabled him to fly, see at the dark and super strength, experiments that ware successful, but probably the cause of the photophobia too. The results of the experiment for healing him weren't totally positive, Ml couldn't stand long hours under the sun or in intense light, but he could now stand with tenuous light, and the experiment give him invulnerability to most sickness and a healing factor.
  • Short story: ForrestKeys born in the Ethereal dimension and grew up in a happy family, while he was growing up he became addict to the cars races. He started a career as a speed racer. He ascended to the fame fast, as his abilities for racing were innate. One day in a race he speed up beyond of the recommended and for prevent a car accident he made light him and the car, this resulted in ForrestKeys traveling between the Ethereal dimension and the ASDF dimension. He lived there for a little until Vraiment appeared with his teleportation powers. He helped ForrestKeys to return to the Ethereal dimension but at the end ForrestKeys decided to stay at the ASDF dimensions as he felt in home while he stayed there.
  • Powers: ForrestKeys is a ethereal and has all the capacities from them, he can convert himself in very fine light and walk trough solid objects and move them with the light surrounding them.
  • Short story: DomTar born in "A City", she's relative of Philtom, but the actual relation is not known. She grew up with the rulers of "A City" so she grew up with a lot of comforts just like a princess, she liked to make origami and learned from the better ADSF professors. As Philtom saw her so happy with the origami that granted her capacities to make origami with everything in the ASDF world.
  • Powers: She can bend almost everything and create any figure with them but it needs to be thin like a paper.
  • Short story: BookGeek arrived in the ASDF dimension with Vraiment the second time that he entered the dimension. Nothing is know about from where she comes, it is speculated that she has something to do with Vrai's past, 'cause everytime she's asked about how they both meet or how she came with Vraiment, doesn't answer.
  • Powers: She has technopath capacities and is very skillful using weapons and body combat, alongside with a brilliant mind and a photographic memory.
  • Short story: The only known thing about Suntro's past, only that he grew up in "S City" in the sea he became a pirate and then went to "A City".
  • Powers: As a pirate Suntro learned the tricks for controlling peoples mind, beside body fight and weapon use
Now, some extra creatures:

JKL; being
  • It's a strange monster from the JKL; dimension that entered the ASDF dimension during the war, was designed to kill people from the ASDF dimension, is a black ball with legs and a big mouth with sharp teeth, they multiply themselves as bunnies!
Purple Clone
  • When the Purple dimension was created, Purple made a clone of himself but less powerful, he connected this clone to a central mind and memory that he controlled. Then Purple gave the clone powers to multiply himself as much times as it was necessary for make whatever they're doing
And by last a little prologue to "V for Vraiment"

The ASDF Defenders (also known as ASDFers)
A little after Vraiment arrived to the ASDF dimension by first time, he gained CX and Atom's friendship, after a little they meet Keja, and they all realized that they could be the better defense mechanism to the cities against JKL; beings. So they formed an alliance known as The ASDF Defenders. Another guys from that moment joined the alliance: DomTar, Suntro, Arkannine, Gundam, Shai'Tan and W/E. During some time they worked together until Vraiment had a vision while fighting a JKL; being where JKL; told him that he was no one, that he was born to destroy the ASDF dimension, Vraiment started getting confused after this and decided to leave not just the team but the ASDF dimension, looking for answers. This created tension between the team and Gundam and W/E.
CX helped Vrai to create a teleporting machine that was damaged in the first use, the one that took Vraiment out of the ASDF dimension. After this the team dismissed for the constants fight that W/E and Gundam created. After some time the members that didn't ended hating each other continued seeing each others and new guys attached to the friend group: ThingerDudes, ForrestKeys Ml08180 and Blargen but the team wasn't rebuild. "V for Vraiment" start a little after Vrai returns with BookGeek and join the friends.

Thanks for read, it took me an entire day to write the post (drafts are great).

Chapter 1

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:48 pm
by vraiment
Chapter 1: The Calm After The Storm
So I did wake up, the floor was full of blood and death bodies. Fast I looked up for my shotguns or Keja, I couldn't find them, so I rose and started walking straight forward, everything was still dark and I needed answers. I walked during hours looking for someone, but I did find nothing.
When I was about to give up and teleport out of that dimension I heard a voice, it was ThingerDudes! "hey Vrai" he yelled at me "come here fast", so I ran to him while I saw that strange semicolon thing rise above him, "Thinger, run!" I yelled, but he didn't listen to me, he turned back and shoot it.

The semicolon thing just get angrier and returned the fire, as I no longer had any weapons left I yelled (for the one that don't knows it, I can take down a building yelling).
That just bothered more the semicolon thing, and started moving after me. "Damn you ThingerDudes" I tough while I saw him moving around and then crouching... I had no another option: run, but I ran after ThingerDudes, "The coward is gonna pay this..." I tough again, then he raised looked back, pointed his arm to the semicolon thing that was now behind me and cried "Watch out Vrai!" he shoot and big bean of the size of a twin tower appeared from his arm and hit the semicolon thing.

I just trowed my self to the floor and stood there hoping Thinger would shoot again, then he got closer and I did stand up, "are you insane? what the hell was that?" He looked at me in funny way and said "Keja's laser shotgun, I thought you already knew how it worked", "where's Keja?" I asked, "I dunno, after the explosion I got unconscious, take us out of here Vrai, I don't wanna fight another semicolon, let's go back to the ASDF", and following his instructions I teleported us to ASDF

Chapter 2

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:48 pm
by vraiment
Chapter 2: The good, the bad and the ugly
And we entered the ASDF dimension, everything was quiet and silence. That is weird, "You go by the Thinger, I'll go this way", "sure" he answered me.
We split up looking for someone. I walked most ASDF's halls to found nothing, when I was about to get the end of the last corridor someone shoot me, "stay there" I listened someone's shout, "If you move I'll rip yo... Vrai?", "Damn you" said to Arkannine while I tried to stand up, "come here and help me" the fool did shoot me in the leg, "sorry about that" he said while he helped me to stand up, "What happened here?" I asked, "Blargen... it was him, I saw his shadow before that black-hole opened and started sucking all asdfers", I look at him with a suspicious, why he wasn't sucked? I mean everyone was sucked by the black-hole Keja, CX Gamer, even BookGeek but I didn't see him got sucked (neither Blargen).

Then appeared ThingerDudes with something that looked like a bizarro version of CX Gamer's avatar, "What happened to that avatar?", it looked pretty twisted, like the face has gone insane (yes, more insane) and had a creepy expression like "I kill 'cause is funny", when Thinger was with us someone shoot like a rocket and we all blow away.

Chapter 3

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:51 pm
by vraiment
Chapter 3: But Mr. K! I thought we had something special!
After the three of us flew for the explosion, we did stand up and saw Keja with the same maniac expression in his faces from the bizarro version of CX's avatar. "Give me my shotgun!" he yelled while he shot another rocket to Arkie, and as response he shot a flame to the rocket, that saved him from being impacted by the rocked, but anyway by the force of the rocked he flew by the airs.
"Give me my shotgun!" Keja yelled again while he pointed at me with the rocket launcher, "no again" I said while I teleported to his back and grabbed him "Give me my shotgun!" he shouted once again and shouted to the floor where we were standing. I went unconscious.

Chapter 4

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:52 pm
by vraiment
Chapter 4: After madness come emoness
So I woke up, just to find Keja's face just in front of me, I punched him in the face and ran away, but I wasn't too far when ThingerDudes appeared in front of me "Why the hell did you hit Keja?", I looked at him and said "Why? O yeah, he never tried to kill us both with a rocked launcher, now run!", I turned to see Keja touching his face with an emo expression in it, then he turned his back on me and walked away, "What's wrong with him?" I asked, "Are you serious?, his number one fan just punched him in the face" answered Thinger, "Is not funny, where's Arkie?, what happened here? why is Keja like that?" Thinger sat,

"Arkie is fine, he just ended like you, in the floor. After you went unconscious, Keja looked at me, but before he could shot me I shot him first with his shotgun, the result wasn't funny, Keja gone more insane threw the rocket launched to me and changed his usual yelling for "I'll eat your soul!" I scared and started running, Keja just followed me, then I copied myself and my two self split up, Keja gone after my copy with the shotgun, amazingly he was reaching me but suddenly he stopped, I turned myself to watch what had happened to him, he just looked at me with a frightened expression in his face and he asked me what happened, he hasn't talked since then", I look around just to see that he wasn't around, "You go for Arkie and take care of him, I'll search for Keja" and I went for him.

Chapter 5

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:53 pm
by vraiment
Chapter 5: Mr K. in the Chocolate Factory
I found Keja sat and sad.
"Keja, are you ok?"
I asked, but I didn't get answer...
"Keja, are you ok?"
I asked again, and I didn't get answer again...
"Keja!, what happened?"
he looked at me, with a very disturbing face,

I yelled while I slapped him in the face, he kind of return in himself and looked at me

Keja: "Sorry Vrai, I was thinking... I was death, and then I appeared here, you never had stoop and think about how are gonna be the things while you are death?"
Vrai: "Death?, explain me Keja, what happened?"
Keja: "Well, when the explosions started I ran looking for Atom, I thought he would need my help, but I could find him, then we gather and that black hole-thing sucked us all, then I remember the Blargen silhouette, he looked at me and then... well... I cannot explain what happened next, the only thing that I remember is that moments later I was eating chocolate, in a world full of chocolate, there was more people in there but I didn't see his faces, I only thought about chocolate, and I ate chocolate, and more chocolate, then someone tried to steal my chocolate, it was a mechanical being, but I didn't care about who was him, I just wanted more chocolate!, but he was very... I don't know, strong? powerful? big? Whatever, he killed me..."

Then he stopped talking and that emo expression appeared again in his face...
Vraiment: "Keja!"
Keja: "Uh? Sorry, I just that is... hard to think... after that thing killed me I woke up behind ThingerDudes, but before wake up, in a very short time, I could realized that I was death... and..."
After that the stooped talking again, then I go for ThingerDudes for chat about what Keja told me...

Chapter 6

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:56 pm
by vraiment
Chapter 6: The lost sons of ASDF
ThingerDudes: "That's somehow disturbing... What the hell was doing Blargen before the attack?"
Vraiment: "I don't know, he's one of the missing ASDFers, and now that you say it, I don't remember have seen it before the attack..."
ThingerDudes: "Blargen has always been kind of darky... I wouldn't be surprised if he is responsible of the attack... Can you teleport into that 'chocolate dimension'?"
Vraiment: "I'm not sure, I don't think so, as far as I can only move between physical dimensions, that was more like a 'mind' dimension"
ThingerDudes: "That means that their zombie-crazy bodies are somewhere, let's go and find them!"

In that moment Keja walked into us, his didn't have any more that emo face but he look pretty serious.

Keja: "I've realized that all the missing ASDFers are in the same place were I was before got killed, so we need to rescue them, Vrai, teleport us"
Vraiment: "I've just said to Thinger that I can't do such thing, I only can teleport something physical between dimensions, this damn chocolate-mind-based-dimension is out of my range, but Thinger got a point, we could find the rest of the ASDFers."
Keja: "And how do you suggest to wake them up?, I did it by dying in that dimension..."

We were pretty confused and had no idea of how to keep going from here

Vraiment: "Wait, probably if Blargen is behind all this he's watching the bodies of the rest of the ASDFers, let's find the bodies!"
Keja: "Isn't that kind of stupid? If Blargen is the evil guy working for JKL; and he's watching the bodies, probably..."
Vraiment: "IT'S A TRAP!, you think I didn't thought about that? please Keja, I know that IT'S A TRAP!, but is our only option for rescue them, we get there and we find a way to get Blargen before he can wash our brains."
ThingerDudes: "I like it, so were do we start looking for?"
Vraiment: "In the JKL; dimension"

And I teleported us back to the JKL; dimension

Chapter 7

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:57 pm
by vraiment
Chapter 7: The lost sons of ASDF (and a death)
The JKL; dimension was the same as last time, full of rotten death bodies and dark, I mean, just disgusting. The plan was the next: ThingerDudes would change to his jelly form and follow us hidden behind the death bodies, the rest of us (Keja, Arki and me) would search for the zombified ASDFers and when we find them we would try to save them, if Blargen attack us ThingerDudes would return to his original form and clone himself to rescue us, a nice plan and more with someone with the powers of ThingerDudes.

We walked too much, we even draw a map for prevent repeat zones, the search extended more and more, we made camps during nights (if even there is night and day in JKL; dimension), that place was pretty big but very boring, everything was more of the same, the floor full of rotten bodies. Sometimes the bodies were too much and they look like little mountains. After a lot of time (I cannot say if it were days or months or something 'cause there was no way to measure the time), we reached like a crater bellow us, and in the center was a circle without bodies but chocolate and with the ASDFers attached to some weird machines, there was one machine without a body and destroyed, Keja's surely. We got closer slowly and once we were inside the circle we looked back, we could see Blargen's shadow moving slowly above the crater, surrounding it.

Keja: "He's waiting to attack us..."
Vraiment: "How do you know that?"
Keja: "Either way he would have attacked us already."

I started looking what we could make with the machines, as had a little technopath abilities, while Arkie and Keja wached out for Blargen. For be sincere I didn't understand what was the function of those machines, I only understood that we have to "expel" the bodies from them as they were a giant USB drive, so I started working one by one: Atom, Shai'tan, Ml08180, ForrestKeys, DomTar, BookGeek and suntro (in that order). While I was working Blargen was just spotting us from the top of the crater.

Keja: "Vrai, you don't feel it's a trap?"
Vraiment: "No, I don't why the question?"
Arkie: "'Cause Blargen is there..."
Vraiment: "Doesn't matter, let me work"

I finished to "expel" them all from the machines but they were still asleep, like they were death.

Keja: "Let it to me"

Then Keja took out one of his shotguns and aimed to the sky, and shoot. At that moment a lot of things happened, Keja's shot woke up all the ASDFers, Blargen jumped to the circle and trowed something like a smoke grenade, Arkie attacked Blargen with a fire ball. It was all so confusing. I couldn't see nothing with all the smoke and someone started attacking me from the smoke, then I heard Blargen's voice "DIE SUNTRO!", and while the smoke were dissipating we saw a shadow run out from the crater.

Chapter 8

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:59 pm
by vraiment
Chapter 8: So, he has become a god... an evil god!
We all rushed up the crater (except by Shai that stayed looking for Suntro’s body) to catch Blargen, personally I feared that he had escaped 'cause I forgot that ThingerDudes was in the top. When we reached there we saw a lot of clones of ThingerDudes fighting a bunch of ghouls that Blargen was controlling, the original Thinger (don't ask me how do I know it) was fighting Blargen, we jumped to the fight, Atom took the death of Suntro’s very personal and attacked him directly, we were surprised that Blargen was able to match ThingerDudes’ speed and Atom’s fighing abilities, and despite of that he was able to still manipulate all the ghouls and rise each one that we finished!

Arkie: "What the hell with Suntro, how he can manage to fight and resist all of us?"
Vraiment: "I don’t know is probably JKL;, maybe he’s gratting him special powers and resistance"
BookGeek: "How are we supposed to survive to all the power of JKL; incarnate in one person?"
CX Gamer: "Just have faith in ASDF guys, just have faith."

We fought during... hours? (still nothing to measure time). It’s damn hard to think that Blargen could fight each one of us (and put K.O. Keja, Arkie and ForrestKeys), everytime that he hurted bad to someone DomTar take care of him, except by the ones that were unconcious they were put away from the battle in a safe place, it was like Blargen was having fun. Shai after fail into finding Suntro’s body come and helped us to fight against Blargen, he was very sad about Suntro. Sudenly, while Atom and I was figthing Blargen at the same time, he give me an incredible hard kick in the back and cast an extrange spell that made Atom get oxided

Blargen: "To the hell this, I’m tired of this, bye and see you in your broken dimension called ASDF."

After this he dissapeared casting a teleporting spell, and let us all abandoned there as a bunch of defeated dumbs.

BookGeek (pretty angry): "He left us! Like he was playing a videogame and got tired of it!"

BookGeek looked pretty disgusted about this, and we all felt almost the same.

Atom (while removing all the rust that he could): "Let’s return to the ASDF dimension, we need help and advice from Philtom and maybe ASDF himself!, I fear the worst. Vrai are you okay?"
Vraiment (in the floor): "I need a little rest."

DomTar, that was healing ThingerDudes come to help me “Ok Vrai, this shouldn’t hurt” said while she put me in a correct position, I felt how my back cracked and returned to his normal way.

Vraiment: "Ok everybody, let’s go."

And we all returned to the ASDF dimension.

Chapter 9

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:45 pm
by CX gamer
Chapter 9: The scout guide has left us alone!
“A City” was being rebuilded, it was amazing how from all the rubbish that was left from the attack (that by now was confirmed that Blarged was the author behind it) the building returned to float in the city.

CX Gamer (taking Keja, Arkie and ForrestKeys): "DomTar and I will take the injured to a hospital, I hope Philtom has rebuild one of them already
Atom: Right, I’ll go with Philtom for advice and get a report of the situation

So we all split up CX Gamer and DomTar would take the unconscious to the hospital; ThingerDudes, Shai’Tan, Ml08180, BookGeek and me would help to rebuild the city and Atom go with Philtom to talk with him, for be serious, no one knows where does Atom goes to talk with Philtom and how does he do it, Philtom’s story (the parts that we know) is pretty creepy and I won’t say it here. But when Atom and the “health-care-team” left, Shai didn’t move."

Vraiment: "C’mon Shai we have things to do, “A City” needs you!"
Shai’tan: "That damn... he killed Suntro..."
Ml08180: "We all are upset about that, but we cannot do nothing more that help the city."

Shai agreed with the head and we started moving around, we worked hard during a week and “A City” restarted normal activities slowly and the fallen were cured, everything seems bright except by the news that Atom bring to us when we were all reunited in the old ASDF Defenders HQ.

Atom: "Things are... well... bad, is the only word to describe them... When I reached the place where I’d meet Philtom I’ve got terrible news, I could hear ASDF talking directly to me in my head, he said something like “Unit A-TMTTJ also know as Atomtengeralattjaro or just as Atom, I see you and your fellows worried, so I am. JKL; is playing with you all, you must be strong and see beyond what’s obvius, this new treath won’t be easy to defeat, you must go for Blargen, he’s the key to solve this puzzle, he doesn’t lurks neither in this dimension or in JKL;’s but in a unexpected one, one of the ASDFers has the clue and the powers to find him.”

We were all disturbed about this new revelations."

CX Gamer: "And Philtom? did you talked with him?"
Atom: "About that, I asked ASDF about our guide, he answered me that JKL; had more influence over our dimension that we would want and that Philtom would not be able to contact us for a while."
Arkie: "So, for talk with Philtom we must persue Blargen? Where do we start?"
Ml08180: "Well, ASDF say that one of us has the knowledge and the power for go after Blargen, and he said that Blargen wasn’t in this dimension, so the only guy that can move between dimensions is Vraiment!"
Vraiment: "I don’t like that..."
BookGeek: "Neither do I."
Keja: "What’s wrong with you guys? Vrai, you have an amazing power and you don’t like to use it?"
Vraiment: "Is not wise to move between dimensions without knowing where are you going."
DomTar: "Why you don’t want to travel between dimensions Vrai?"
BookGeek: "Is not of you bussiness"
ForrestKey: "Woa, take it easy woman, we didn’t wanted to offend him, anyway, you traveled without problem to the JKL; Dimension and all the way back to ASDF."
Vraiment: "Yes, but I know to were I’m going, and I like to travel to ASDF, it’s my home!"
Atom: "I see, you don’t like the idea of travel to an exact dimension, you already know to where we should head, don’t you Vraiment?"
Vraiment: "So what if it’s like that?"
Keja: "You say it well this is your home and if you care about your home you’ll come with us for Blargen"

I look at Keja with a deadly look, he was right but I hesitate a little after give my final answer...

Vraiment (with a sigh): "Ok I’ll do it"

Chapter 10

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:55 am
by CX gamer
Chapter 10: “Honey, I’ll pack my own stuff”
I was alone in my place at “A City”, everyone were excited about the dimensional-trip except by BookGeek and myself. I hated the idea, I didn’t want to go back, to return to those places, but ASDF required it and I had to do it. I was designing a weapon, I wouldn’t return to that specific place unarmed and powerless, from my travels between dimensions I learned that there was a way of focus the emotions into energy and the emotion of “hope” or “be positive” or as you like calling it when was transformed into energy resembled to my old water controlling powers (that were more like protection powers rather than attacking), but the “hate” or “anger” transformed into energy produced a such aggressive power that I considered better. I designed an armor capable of take my internal rage and transform it in pure power.
When I was finishing it, BookGeek called at my door and I went to open it.

BookGeek: “May I come in?”
Vrai (hesitating): “Is not convenient, no, you may not...”
BookGeek (with desperation tone): “What are you doing Vrai?”
Vrai: “I won’t return just like these in there, with all those idiots...”
BookGeek: “Vrai, to what dimension we will travel?”

I stopped in there... I didn’t wanted to answer. In my travels before meeting BookGeek I get in there and I got a bunch of instructions that I ignored at that moment, but now I had understood that those instructions wasn’t for that moment but for now, and I didn’t like it...

Vrai: “Together... I mean... We both weren’t in that dimension together, you don’t know it...”
BookGeek: “What are you building?”
Vrai: “A tool for survive...”
BookGeek: “Vrai... you aren’t building that weapon that use emotions, are you?... we passed to much for get in here Vrai... please don’t spoil it! I don’t wanna see you like that again”
Vrai (upset): “Look, ASDF’s in danger and I have to help it, ok? that’s why I know what dimension we have to travel, if that is the only way, I’ll take the risk...”

BookGeek just bend the head down and walked away, she didn’t liked the idea of me using that armor, she knew that I was building it, and she didn’t like it... But it had to be done!

Chapter 11

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:27 pm
by CX gamer
Chapter 11: “That wasn’t part of the deal”
Every one was ready for the departure. In a special reunion CX Gamer, Atom and me we decided that not every ASDFer would go in the trip, some would stay for fight back if Blargen attacked “A City”, the chosen ones for this task were: CX Gamer, ThingerDudes, ForrestKeys, and DomTar the rest (Atom, Shai’Tan, Keja, Arkannine, Ml08180, BookGeek and me) would go after Blargen. We all reunited in the center of “A City” downtown for begin the trip, all were prepared: Atom was cleaned and charged up, Shai’tan was using his ninja suit that theoretically allowed him to move faster and stealthier, Keja had all his pocked arsenal with him, Arkannine was wearing an special suit that wouldn’t melt in high temperatures, Ml was wearing black clothes (nothing special in him, I don’t remember if he ever used some gadget or add-on), BookGeek (that was angered with me and everyone noticed that) was using an exo-armor(with guns, a jet-pack, and all that fancy stuff that has an exo-armor) that looked good in her and I was using my new armor that I’d call V0. Atom walked into the middle of us to speak:

Atom (elevating the voice): “Ok, everyone listen! The mission we are about to start is extremely important, Philtom’s existence depends in it, it seems that Vraiment has some sort of connection with the current events and has special information so unless I say it, we must follow his instructions”

In that moment I looked to Atom, that wasn’t part of the deal, I didn’t like the idea of be at the head of 6 ASDFers. I walked to his site and whispered to him.

Vriament (exasperated): “Hey, Atom I’m not the leader, you cannot ask me to give orders, I just have a little intel of our destiny, that’s all”
Atom (calmed): “Don’t worry Vrai, I know you won’t spoil it...”

I wanted to keep complaining but I realized that Atom wouldn’t change of opinion, so I accept it.

Vraiment (yelling): “Ok, when we arrive, don’t touch anything and don’t get far, you’ll wait until the zone is explored, I don’t know how much the things has changed since the last time I was in there, now the ASDFers that will come enter in the circle”

Everyone stood inside the indicated area, and I teleported us.

Chapter 12

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:13 pm
by keja
Chapter 12: "I told you to not return to this bar"
I teleported us into the an abandoned part of the archives, the archives are an old museum that contained most of the knowledge of that universe, in this section most stuff was broken, old and abandoned, it was a big chamber with ruined shelfs full of dust, in the other side of the chamber there was a gap that had a corridor.

Keja (whispering): “Vrai, why did you bring us in here?”
Vrai (whispering): “Cause we don’t want that the villagers look at us directly, you and Arkie, follow me, everyone else stay here quiet, don’t attack unless your existence is in danger ¿ok?”

Everyone agreed with the head, then we three headed to the corridor and go trough it, after the corridor there was a big cavern that was carved for work as corridor to the left, to the right the cavern was over, it was lighted only in the exit of the chamber to both sides it was darkened, I examined the dark in there and go out with my friends following, we go to the left to the dark, just before we entered in to the darkness I could see something inside it.

Vrai (yelling): “Everyone! DOWN!”

We all crouched, and a fireball coming from the dark passed above our heads. Then we stand up and a red biomechanical figure, wielding two lava swords, a shiny silver armor and a strange shaped mask appeared from the darkness...

Vrai: “Well, I didn’t expect to find you so soon, how have you been Tahu? it has been a while”
Tahu (serious): “I didn’t expected to see you ever again, are you here for be punished by your crimes?”

While saying this he raised a sword and shoot me a big ball of fire, I catch it with the hands and using the powers of my new armor, I could saw surprise in Tahu’s face, the next moment from my back Arkie attacked with a fireball and Keja with his magnum pistol. Then we started fighting, Tahu is a formidable warrior, he could protect himself with the help of the mask from Keja’s shoot and his elemental powers allowed him to evade Arkie’s attacks and mines. After wasting a lot of bullets Keja told me.

Keja: “Vrai, he’s a robot, I have my plasma pistol that is designed to damage circuitry, but I cannot reach him ‘cause of his protection powers, help me to distract him and I’ll shoot him”
Vrai: “Ok, but don’t hurt him, only get him unconscious, don’t ask why, just do it!”

So I put to the maximum my V0, concentrate all my anger together and then allow all that energy flow by the barrels attached to the palm of my hands and shoot Tahu, and he as expected focused his attention in repel the attack with the his protection mask while fighting Akie, it was the perfect moment, so Keja charged his Orion-Class Plasma Pistol and shoot to Tahu’s back, instantly he felt down and I used that moment to take out his mask and punch him in the face, that knock-out him.

Chapter 13

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:29 pm
by atomtengeralattjaro
Chapter 13: A sinner once, a sinner twice
We came back to the chamber with Tahu as hostage. I saw them worried about the sounds of the fight.

Vraiment (raising the voice): “Ok! Everyone listen! I knew that even this part of the archives would be watched. Now, pay attention carefully, in this exact moment we are not welcome here...
Ml (joking): “Well, if you attack one of them, I’m sure we are not welcome.

Everyone else laughed, in that moment Tahu woke up and started watching around him, it was obvious that he was angry, but he seemed tired too.

Tahu (agitated): “Vraiment... I see... I see that you have... you haven’t returned to pay for your sins... but for make new ones...

He stared at me with a serious face, in his eyes I could see the rage of the fire he wielded.

Vraiment: “No Tahu, I haven’t come to conquer your dimension or anything like that, I regret my errors the last time I was here, the Shadowed One manipulated me and you know that, everyone does, but still you all hate me...

I made a pause, it was an awkward moment for everyone...

Vraiment: “Ok, as I was saying, we are not welcome in here and we are gonna get our ass kicked every time we are spotted until we can chat with the elders and get an agreement. So if that doesn’t happen, please avoid to be seen or if it’s necessary to fight avoid to heavily attack anyone, there is a trick, you know? if the guy have a mask, take it off and it will get weak.

I wasn’t sure what to do next, if I get out of there with all the ASDF crew we would be fried or frozen or thrown away or drowned or crushed or smashed, any option didn’t look nice...

Chapter 14

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:32 pm
by atomtengeralattjaro
Chapter 14: The Mad Hatter
Right now the mission has turned to be dangerous for everyone, why I didn't came alone?, gather the information and then return? The way we choose to do it was stupid... In that moment something interrupted my thoughts, Tahu said “no” with a whisper and lights went out, I turned on two flames from my hands but the darkness was so deep that nothing changed, Atom yelled “Everyone is ok?”, when I was about to answer a dim green light turned on, a shadow entered into the chamber “Welcome back Vraiment, I see that you bring some friends”, I looked back and I saw everyone chained to the floor and Tahu being free but controlled by the shadow with the power of a infected mask. “You will pay for your sins Vraiment” he said while he emerged, it was the Shadowed One, I was surprised and shot him hard, I hated that guy so much that my armor shot with such power I almost fall down. “No so brilliant” he said while Tahu redirected all my fire to my, in a fast reaction I redirected it anywhere, without realizing that anywhere was BookGeek’s location, “No!” I shouted after the accident, “One by on will fall Vraiment, give up” said the Shadowed One while shooting to Atom, Atom dodged the attack and start fighting with the Shadowed One along with Shai’Tan, Arkannine and Keja went after the possessed Tahu, I stood beside of BookGeek’s burnt body, “This wasn’t supposed to happen...” I said while fighting for controlling myself, last time that rage filled my mind and body things didn’t went smooth, but I failed, the armor started to gain energy and I to lose control of myself, “No!” I yelled, “No! I won’t pay for my sins, my old boss, you will!” I turned around and shot Tahu in middle of the eyes killing him in the instant and burning Keja with the explosion, “You must pay!” I yelled while turning to him and shooting again, killing Shai’Tan that was between we both, Atom stayed astonished looking at me while I shot again to the Shadowed One, that was surprised too. “You must die!” I shouted once more while crushing his head agains a wall, “And die forever!” yelled at last while shooting fire to the rest of the body.


Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:34 pm
by atomtengeralattjaro
Everything happened so fast, everyone was surprised for what just happened, in an impulsive action Arkannine jumped and shot me, I turned and engaged him in battle, why? I lost my mind, Atom attended to help Arkannine and we three fought, as Keja with his last breath picked up his mini-rail gun and shot, in that moment I put Arkannine in the way of the shot, Atom pushed me back and stood there, with the eyes open and without spelling a word, all the team has just died for my fault, but I couldn’t see it, the rage was now driving me and forced me to shot Atom, he recovered and dodged the aggression, while aiming a torpedo (a weapon that is rare for him to use it) and shot it, as a reflect shot at the barrel in the same moment that the torpedo was going out and it exploded with a force that filled the chamber...