The modern story of asdf and jkl;

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The modern story of asdf and jkl;

Post by CX gamer » Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:12 pm

The modern story of asdf and jkl;
By patrick2456

A millennium after the fight between asdf and jkl;
two men decided to relive the passion that asdf has done
Phil and Tom were the men.

They gathered followers of asdf from distant countries in order to relive the crusade
from sea to land
from heaven or from hell
animal or human
All faithful followers of asdf joined Phil and tom

CX, a faithful devotee to asdf continued what Phil and Tom has done
Joined by atom another faithful devotee
They journeyed across the land in order to find more devotees of asdf and make them faithful again
as they find across the land hundreds of people became devotees because of CX and atom's influence

Many people have said powerful statements for asdf
Some people even say ASDf is the solution
others compared the power between jkl; and asdf
others even said that ASDF is born to fight, trained to kill, ready to die, but never will.

Time have passed and people became happy but jkl; devotees tried to destroy our faith
jkl; spies amidst in our presence lurking in the dark spreading the word of evil
but alas! atom and CX regained power as right hand sides of asdf!
They Exorcised the evil in ASDF-Ville and everywhere where jkl; devotees hide