The Four Heights: Arkannines version of reality and ASDF

The collection of stories of ASDF

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The Four Heights: Arkannines version of reality and ASDF

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The Four Heights: Arkannines version of reality and ASDF
By Arkannine

Since the beginning of history, there are four known dimensions, called Heights.
The four Heights are:Oblivion, Universe, Ramiel, and Ayled.

ASDF is the god for Universe, Ramiel and Ayled. JKL is the evil god of Oblivion.

The Ayleds are a primitive people.However, their magical sorcerers and mighty warriors have a strength beyond the average.Their blades are sharp, and their magic can proctect from heavy damage.Their Shamans comunicate with the people of Ramiel, but rarely, and only when needed.

The Ramiel people are not skilled in magic and blades, save for rare cases, and prefer to put their wisdom and knowledge to work, creating powerful and advanced means for defense and attack, such as shells of dense electricity and extremely burning lasers and plasma.They know and respect the Ayled people, but prefer not to live among them.

Both know about the Universe Height, and for measures of safety, have restrained and forbidden all access, magical and technological.They did so because the people from the universe are very weak, and a legion of Ayleds or Ramielens could easily take over the Height and turn it into something awful.The safety measures also includes a giant field of anti-magic known as Atmosphere.This was done so no Universer may accidentally cast a spell and be transported to other Heights.

We live in Universe.

Although Oblivion was also supposed to be hidden from Universe, most people have knowledge of it.Through Universe, Oblivion is commonly known as "Hell".

Oblivion is a place ruled by a total of 16 rulers known as "Daedra Lords".Each Daedra Lord was tested and certified by JKL himself.JKL is the god of Oblivion, and has stolen one of ASDF's Heights, which he transformed into his evil world, full of blood, violence and gore.

JKL is constantly trying to take over other Heights, without success.The Ayled's magic and strength and Ramiel's tech always beat him.As of Universe, Atmosphere is enchanted by ASDF itself, greatly overwhelming JKL's army of minions.

ASDF grants all that his three Heights need, and the three realms live in peace...For now...

Histories of the four Heights coming soon, showing all of ASDF's and his holy knights' (us) bravery.[*]