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ASDF and Takeover

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:35 pm
by keja
The following story is written by forum member Blargen.

Chapter 1

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:39 pm
by keja
Twas a dark and stormy night. ASDF, Mayor of ASDF Land, Was exploring the wilderness that surrounds his small town. JKL; had taken over most of the open fields that are great for Placeing bases and buildings. ASDF And JKL; had been at war with each other for decades. Since Ghians Tyians and Bnians wiped each other out in war. Jkl; Had A Heavy start at the war with the Uiop and M,./ on his side. QWER was with ASDF, but that didn't last long. Jkl; had destroyed what was left of QWER's army during the first Six years of the war.

ASDF and his army has been holding out but it is at this time that he is in need of help. His soldiers was in very small numbers and His supplies was low. So here he was. In the middle of a jungle right when a storm was blowing through. But then ASDF stumbled across something. A Torch, and it looked like it was recently used. He Walked a little further and discovered a small village. The people of this village seemed to be quite intelligent. So ASDF decides to sneak in.

Inside the village there was 12 huts all lined in a circle. With one Large hut in the middle. Guards stood outside of the main hut. ASDF walks into the village and the guards see him right away.

"HEY! WHO ARE YOU?!" The guards yell. The guards charge at ASDF. ASDF tries to run but their to fast. They capture him and take him into the main hut. Inside ZXCV sat.

"Who is this bloke you have brought into my village?" ZXCV says.

"We found him sneaking outside our village sir." One of the Guards say.

"If you will allow me to talk for a second I-" ASDF tries to say before he's cut off by ZXCV

"Ah! You are that ASDF fellow who has been fighting That JKL; guy right?" ZXCV says. "Your little war has been destroying the wildlife around our village." He says. "And its been making a mess of our crops." He finishes.

"Yes... We have been destroying a lot but Its not my nor my army's fault. JKL; refuses to have peace. We have been fighting him off and now were at our end. Our number of troops has drooped out of proportions. If JKL;'s army proceeds to grow it will end us all."

"You cannot win... JKL; is too powerful. And if you desire my help you have gone to the wrong person."

"Perhaps. But sooner or later JKL; will destroy us, and then your army will be to small to defend your village."


"If we help each other we will be able to destroy JKL; and then peace will rain again in keyboardia!"

"hmph... Your little speech is enticing, but my soldiers are not wanting to help any body else other than me or our village people. So you might as well leave."

"Alright... But I'll return sooner or later." ASDF finishes.

Chapter 2

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:43 pm
by keja
ASDF walked out of the village headed back towards ASDF Land. The storm started to move away. By the time ASDF got back to the town It was sunny outside. ASDF's friend Caps Lock, Nicknamed "Caps" was inside A tent with the rest of the army. Caps was the general of the entire military in ASDF land. ASDF walked into the tent Caps was in.

"Hey ASDF, find anything?" Caps said.

"Yes as a matter of fact. There's a little village Out about a half mile out in the forest." ASDF said back.

"Well what did they say? Are they going to help us?"

"I couldn't get them to help us in any way. But they do know of our situation."

"Is there any way we could bribe them? Like A trade or a gift?

"Well... They did say their crops was being destroyed from our war."


"Right... Right! That's it!" ASDF says. "Come on Caps lets go to their village." ASDF finished. ASDF and Caps continued out to ZXCV village. It was a little past dawn now in Keyboardia. ASDF and Caps got to the village. The guards at the main hut let ASDF And Caps in.

"Well it looks like you have returned like you said you would." ZXCV says

"Yes, and we also bring a proposal."

"Oh really? What?"

"If you help us Destroy JKL;, we will rebuild your farms and get your crops into prize-winning condition!"

"Hmm... That seem fair enough. But we are already able to do that ourselves..."

"Well... Um... What if we told you that you could be set for life with no need to farm anything? We at ASDF land can keep your village fed for years!"

"Well, That sounds like a pretty good deal!"

"So will you help us?"

"Well........ Yes I suppose I could." ZXCV finishes. Now JKL;'s empire doesn't stand a chance.

Re: ASDF and Takeover

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:47 pm
by keja
ZXCV gathered his many troops together. ASDF did the same with his troops. They all came together in ASDF Land. The entire town was filled with soldiers. All together they made up 345 Troops.

"Well we have our troops together ASDF. But JKL;'s army is far far greater this." ZXCV says.

"Yes. But we have been studying Jkl;'s tactics. His army is disorganized. The way we penetrate his fortress will determine the outcome." Asdf says.

"Right. And JKL; isn't expecting an attack right now."

"Which give us another advantage!" ASDF Says. ASDF walked up a stairway to announce to the army."Now hear this! Today! We are going to defeat JKL;'s Reign of terror! JKL; Is going to fall! And We are going to bring peace to Keybordia!" ASDF Yells to the army. Cheering is heard throughout the town. The army starts to March out of the town with ASDF and ZXCV Following behind. Caps was at the front lines ready to give the command to charge.

It was a sight to see. The small army filled with hope of peace. They all marched into JKL;'s Territory. Caps held up his hand waiting to give the signal to charge. His hand dropped forward.

"CHARGE!" Caps yells for all of the army to hear. One by one the soldiers infiltrated the fortress. In almost 19 minutes of intense battle the men of JKL;'s army was either Dead or dying. ASDF and ZXCV ran up to JKL; and attacked him while the army backed down. ASDF draws a sword and fights JKL; intensely. ZXCV runs up from behind and stabs JKL; through the gut. Then ASDF slashes through his heart. Right then... JKL; fell.

Now two years later Peace is filled all over the land. ASDF held his promise to ZXCV and the two combined there land and made one large city. Sadly though, Caps couldn't see this. He died in the battle against JKL;. But he hasn't been forgotten. Finally peace reigns throughout Keyboardia like ASDF said. Now forever it shall.