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Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:31 am
by vraiment
Ok, this is the remake of V4Vraiment, but more "universal", when I passed the story to my palls everyone was like "I don't wanna read it, it looks like a lot of local jokes", so I heard them, as I heard you... In contrast with the my last writing this one will be written in spanish and then I'll translate it to english, the original version can my found in my DeviantArt.

Chapter 1

Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:58 am
by vraiment
I expected a madhouse (introduction)
I woke up. The room was dark and I tied to the operation chair, strangely the straps wasn't hard-locked and I could free me easily, so I went out of the room and walked along the corridor, it seems to be a great hospital, with a lot of consult rooms, almost everyone with the same setting: a operation chair, a furniture piece with multiple metal drawers (those typical in hospitals), a little desk in front of a little window and a little glass in the door for watch inside, it was kind of a dentist office.

In that way the corridor extended with 10 identical rooms in each side, and in each corner of the corridor there were doors that lead to big stairs, a corner of the corridor to go up, and the other corner to go down. In the whole hospital a mood of being lost in time could be sensed, with gray light and dust flying in the air.

In every door there was a serialized tag, in a corner of the corridor the tag marked "401", the door in front of this one had "402" in the tag, the one next to the first had "403", the one in front "404" (room in which I was held) and the numeration continued until "420". So I choose that was the best to search in de building from the top to the ground, with some luck I could find Atom.

I walked along the entire corridor for go up, the stairs had nothing in special, they just lead to another floor identical to the previous floor, but now the tags were "501", "502", etcetera.

I walked along the whole corridor checking the rooms, looking for Atom, activity that I failed. I took the next stairs that'd lead me to the next floor, that I supposed that was the sixth for the tags, but when I saw the door I went stepped back, there was painted two circles in dark red color, one inside of another with several runes inside them. In the superior part of my right arm I had a tattoo like the paint in the floor, tattoo that started remembering old times in the moment I saw the draw in the door. I turned back and started the way to the third floor, while I heard a voice going out of the door, speaking in a very estrange language with some evil tone, despite that I understand that language, and I understand it was calling for me I choose to ignore it, nothing good for me could be behind that door.