The Beginnings of the Keyboard World

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The Beginnings of the Keyboard World

Post by atomtengeralattjaro » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:00 pm

The Beginnings of the Keyboard World
by: Dreams

In the beginning, there was letters.
These letters flowed chaotically in the abyss, without restraint nor pattern.
As the chaos settled, all the letters attatched to one another, and created the keyboard.
Once upon a time, the keyboard was unified; there were no separation.
First, the numbers drifted off, to form the land of the numberpad.
Later, the f-keys separated and formed neat rows of 4's in the far reaches of the universe known as qwerty.
Then, the non-printable characters, such as Insert and End left and bridged the gap between the letters and the numberpad.
Some keys began to form around the letters, enveloping them inside a cage. The letters then forgot the rest of the keyboard universe and only knew of themselves.
During this time, the letters lived in peace, but tensions were building.
The letters began to distinguish themselves between the left-handed letters, the sinistrae, and the right-handed letters, the dextri.
There was a great split between the sinistrae and the dextri, and each group looked for their leaders.
The sinistrae found asdf, and the dextri chose to follow jkl;.
jkl; was envious of the power of asdf, since asdf was more powerful than jkl;.
And so war ensued.
This is the story of asdf.