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Re: Loot Game

Post by Froggychum » Sun Nov 15, 2020 6:26 pm

I spend some time caring for my pegasus, which causes it to level up, but not hatch (it has not been 5 days)

Then, I make a sand castle, and train my mini-warrior to guard it. He levels up twice because he is very good at guard duty.

It is now getting dark, so I suggest that you let me rent us a lovely beachside home to sleep in for the night.
1x Equipped Superheart LVL 25 (Chest Piece)
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1x Equipped Demonic Striking Hammer LVL 5 (Off Hand)
1x Equipped Pirate Gun LVL 5 (Third Hand)
1x Summoning Staff for a LVL 37 Beast-Golem
1x Oracle Scepter
1x Inventory Manager with Control Chip
1x Item Cloning Machine
1x Instant Messenger
8x Dream Fragments
1550x Barrels of The Ultimate Super-Fuel
4x Seeds of First Life
1x Potion of Rabies Tier I
1x Chameleon Skin Potion Tier II
1x Titanium Bones Potion Tier II
1x Form of the Speck Potion Tier II
1x Form of the Dire-Bat Potion Tier II
1x Infinite Bile Potion Tier II
1x Potion of Stench Tier III
150x Lumps of Coal
90x Platinum Ingots
15x Diamonds
3x Rose Gold Ingots
1x Nobel Prize
1x Friendship Badge
1x Picture of Blueberry Ice Cream Cake
2000x Platinum Coins
1x Silver Fairy-Coin
1x Adorable Miniature-Warrior LVL 5 (Guardian Subclass)
1x Pegasus Egg (LVL 1)
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