The Roleplay Forum Code of Conduct V1.1

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The Roleplay Forum Code of Conduct V1.1

Post by CX gamer » Wed Oct 29, 2008 10:57 am

This forum is intirely dedictated to Roleplay, here's an overview of what is expected from you in this forum.

In the roleplay section you make a character using the template provided in the first post of every roleplay and fill in every question. Carefully read all the background information provided in this post.
When you have made your character, then it's time to start the roleplay. You control everything your character does and does not, discrible everything into detail and explain everything you do.
Here are the rules;
  1. No God characters: God characters controll everything, this is unfair towards the other roleplayers.
  2. Stay on topic: Don't go out of character, if you need to know something from the thread creator send him a pm, please do not ask in the thread.
  3. Don't post too fast: Wait for people to return and post, no double posting, use the edit button if you have more to say
  4. Control only your own character(s): Don't say what others do w/o their permission
  5. Talk about your character in third person descriptively.: Not 'I have fun' but 'CX has fun'. Say who you are talking to, most RP's aren't going to have just two people, it get's confusing. And please be descriptive, instead of saying you are heading toward someone that is nowhere near you try saying you are going to a place. 'Lunar went back to town and made his way to the shoppe' instead of 'Lunar went to CX' it helps everyone else understand where exactly you are.
  6. Follow the other forum rules: Keep it more or less clean, swearing I'm fine with when it's not too excessive. Damn, Hell, Shit, and Crap (pardon) is acceptable in times of great anger or stress, the F*** word is unacceptable. If a mod thinks you have used the word incorrectly or inappropriately he/she will simply change it w/o changing the meaning.
  7. No conversations without content: If you ask something in the RP use italics at the beginning of the post followed by a gap, after this gap MUST BE CONTENT. Do not have question/conversations without content. These types of posts will be removed when found, and if it happens enough warnings and suspensions will be handed out.
Threads reaching the 7 page mark shall be stickied, threads that get no new posts for a month are locked and must be voted on for re-activation.

If you have more questions, please consult a Roleplay moderator.

When updated the UPDATED will be up for one week. Updates will be in [Not Black based on what I feel like} in that time.
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