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Spark of Karscela

Post by klinscy » Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:22 am

In the plane of Karscela, a war brews. The once peaceful elves have been corrupted into something dark and evil by an unknown source and threaten war at every turn. Their leaders which attend world wide conclaves have taken to wearing masks to hide their wicked appearance, and their once friendly assistants are hateful and unresponsive.

Deep in the elvish palace a handful of consulates of other nations plead to return home only to be locked into the dungeon, thrown in cells with common criminals. They have a perfect view from their prison tower of boats being loaded for war...

You are these ambassadors, and you must escape the dungeon and warn the other nations about the evil packing up to go to war. You have a few choices of character

ABILITY: (physical ability like, smithing, swordsmanship, good climber, etc.)

There are many races from which to chose, they are as follows, (Notice that elves are missing, sorry guys, can't play as them. The elves kingdom is called Qido (key-doh)

Aven: These are bird people usually with the head of an eagle or hawk. Aven resemble humanoid eagles, and are tall and strong, possessing arms, legs, and powerful wings capable of flight (like angels).Many aven are accomplished warriors, air wizards, or both. They are close ally's of the the Leonin. They're nation is called Phri'cactl

Leonin: Cat warriors who are feline humanoids found throughout he world primarily on the continent of Tha'ctila. There are various different strains of cat warriors, some resembling tigers, others leopards or jaguars, and yet others cougars. The cat warriors have kept a relatively low profile throughout Karscelaen history. They are not the best of mages but some practice the art of pyromancy. Their nation is called Extr'fe (ex-ter-fay)

Centaur: Centaurs are people who are horses up to the waist but have a human torso coming from where the horses neck and head should be. They do not have their own kingdom but instead lived in harmony with the elves, who now keep them as slaves.

Dwarf: Short, stocky people who are skilled craftsman, miners, and pyromancers. They consider themselves as jolly and social but some consider them to be annoying drunkards. They are the driving force behind the human military.

Human: Semi skilled mages and warriors. The dwarf/human nation is the most powerful nation. I will assume you have knowledge of the appearance of humans, but you know, some people here... Their kingdom is known as Wasfore.

The following races do not have countries but are found throughout the world...

Nantuko: Insect like sentient beings who are the world's explorers. They come in all colors.

Vampire: blood drinkers who are not commonly found. Become dust if they stay in the sun uncovered for more than two hours or so.

Viashano: Reptilian humanoid creatures with heads of Komodo dragons. They are skilled mercenaries and assassins and form a large criminal underground in the world.

NAME: Klinscy
RACE: Leonin
APPEARANCE: Black fur with panther like features. He wears a tunic which is green. He has blue eyes and looks strong.
PERSONALITY: A flat, ninja like intelligence radiates in his voice and his actions; he consistantly watches his surroundings and is highly alert.
ABILITY: A former royal guard who proved to be a skilled fighter even with just his claws. He can also run long distances without tiring.
MAGICAL PROFICIENCY: mediocre lightning mage, and knows a spell to allow him to breath underwater for a short time.
BACKSTORY: Klinscy was born in the slums of the Capitol city in Extr'fe and grew up having to steal to put food on the table. His parents worked failed artists and refused to believe that they didn't have a shot at becoming famous. He ran away from home as a young teenager and swore he would become rich and leave the slums. He found a job as an assassin in a Viashano mob as an older teen and became a vital agent. His boss, unfortunately, thought he knew too much and tried to have him killed. After escaping, and becoming a huge target in the slums, he tried to use what little money he had to set himself up as a royal servant. Years later he found a man sneaking about the palace and later thwarted his plans to assassinate a crucial general. The general then gave him a job as his body guard. When he got enough money he quit and enrolled in a five year university program and studied politics in hopes it would help him take down the Viashano mob. he proved proficient and graduated two years early. Unfortunately he did not remove the mob, but he did (with a few good words put in by friends he had made working in the palace) become an ambassador to Qido. This was only three months ago.)

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Re: Spark of Karscela

Post by TheDudeManJohn » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:10 pm

(you have already created this roleplay its called the spark and you have two other players currently in it...want to just continue there?)

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Re: Spark of Karscela

Post by SovietUNICORN97 » Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:01 am

NAME: Annan the Ancient
RACE: Aven
APPEARANCE: His ruffles feathers are a lustrous indigo, with hints of ancient emerald markings. Few scars are apparent on his feathers, but his beak has markings of past conflicts. He is strikingly youthful looking, but has the apparent look of centuries of sights and experience. He wears the sleek gold rimmed lapis lazuli ornamental armor that looks unusually old. He always has his Ssickle sword with him, which is made of materials no longer known to this dimension.
PERSONALITY: He usually keeps to himself but will assist allies whenever possible. He will often have unusual personality changes, and ancient habits are rarely occurring, but are devastating.
ABILITY: He has the ability to see 5 seconds into the future whenever he feels it is needed. He is also a master swordsman. Once an egyptian god, he has the ability to control any forms of beast.
MAGICAL PROFICIENCY: He can summon the fire of suns and the sands of deserts but is very costly to his energy.
BACKSTORY: Once a god of a powerful civilization, but lost in the void for 5 decades after a accidental magical experiment. He returned to a different dimension scarred by the evil dark sorceries of the void. Not much is known about him except that he has an extreme magical energy tap and almost single handedly destroyed the Kan' Elicite race, after the void-earth war of B.C. 300,000. Some say he had some credit in the creation of the Leonin race, and lost a significant amount of his abilities and power from doing so.