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The awesome rp of awesomeness

Post by Xequos » Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:54 am

This is an rp that you play as yourself in 3rd person(Mphh, not original I know..).
Ok, you can start when ever you like.
The story is you start in a white HUGE ROOM with a pink door and you can go outside, first poster to go out decides what's outside.

-Weird stuff is alowed.
-If you die you go to HELL(you can get back to the white room by drinking water in HELL (that's hard)).
-You have an inventory with 89 slots.
-You start with a stick(after 89 posts it's purpose will be revealed), a book (YOU decide what is written inside it), a pokeball(NO POKEMONS!),a turtle (You can name it), a sheep (same) and a water gun.
-No god mods.
-I'm god, you need to worship me.
-Llamas are holy.

The goal will be revealed after 90 posts.