Welcome to Class: ASDF 110

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Welcome to Class: ASDF 110

Post by gh0st » Wed Dec 07, 2022 12:14 am

I'm Richard Jones, and I'll be your professor for the next 6 weeks.
You can call me Richard or Dick, just don't call me Richard Jones or I will automatically fail you.

We'll be meeting here in this online chat room until I can figure out my computer and that "Zume" thingy.

This class will be an introduction to the qualities and ideologies of ASDF. Please purchase your textbooks immediately.

I'll be taking roll call, and role call.
Are there any TA's or seniors taking this class? Please introduce yourselves.

[any world breaking should use brackets]

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Re: Welcome to Class: ASDF 110

Post by Froggychum » Wed Dec 07, 2022 5:02 pm

... hey is this th-- on ....
...hel-- *zume noises*
... wi -- fi iss-- *zume noises* ...

"i'm tell-- just kick the rou---"
"no it wont brea-- made of adama---"
"STOP!! **horrible metallic noises** don't put-- into your atta--!!"

...Huh... that worked?
Must've been a hidden benefit of the enchantments...
No, it's fine now... Yes, I will see you at Agamemnon's later tonight. Okay, love you babe

Ahem... Sorry, I was having some connectivity issues!
I think things are working now...

Ah! I guess I can introduce myself while this call fills up!

My true name can't really be pronounced in the mortal tongue, so it's fine to just call me GREEN!
I'm actually a late addition to this class, because The Board saw my high grades in other classes and decided to advance me into this course stream.
As a result, I'm not all that familiar with Asdfology, but I do have a lot of hands-on experience with various cults, especially running them.
I hope those skills will be transferable, and The Board seemed to believe so as well. Well, I'm not certain because they were definitely immune to my mind magic.

They told me that I have the credentials to be a temporary TA if the professor requires it. Personally, I don't mind what role you assign me, I'm ready for anything!

I'm very excited to be taking part in this course! It's unfortunate we couldn't meet in person this year, but it's probably for the best considering the recent events...

Also, I should mention that I won't be using a camera for this course, unless the professor requires it. The reasons are somewhat personal. I hope that's okay with everyone!

Sorry for taking up so much of your time! Please, carry on!

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