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The Highway Men

Post by TheDudeManJohn » Fri Sep 10, 2021 9:40 pm

(work in progress, kinda an idea page for starters, post if you want. will be an RP in time. continued editing

High Fantasy, massive world, one large super ocean with many spanning islands and continents. Many races and types of creatures and magical beings spread across and/or hidden around this world.

The main island is the largest and consists of Humans in the south east,Dwarves to the south west, and the current dominant race of Elves, the largest and most magically trained, span the center to the north across a great forest,
the north ends in mountains that eventually end up covered in snow. Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Ogres and the like roam the northern mountains in nomadic warring clans and tribe.Strategically placed Elven outposts keep them from ever venturing into the Elven Woods, their Elven bows, strong stone work, metal working, and magical crafting and casting, keep them from ever becoming a major threat....or so they hope.

how ever big you just imagined that island, triple it it stretches regions.

(((History to come)))

(((Societies and important info for each of the three major races to come)))

(((feel free to come up with any species or race or culture of people or beings...just set them on one of the many islands or continents around the main one)))

--Elven Society--

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