[No title] - a flash fiction

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[No title] - a flash fiction

Post by lunar_furor » Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:04 pm

Just an idea rolling around in my head for now.
Oft these demons robs me of sleep...

"How long will you continue to haunt me?" Sesh whispered "How long will you rob me of my sleep,
haunting my every memory and waking hour? How long until you set me free of these shackles,
forged of memories in the flames of my subconscious? I wish to sleep..." he trailed off.

Sesh was stood in his bedroom, a large open window, a four post bed, wooden floor. The wind blew
through the room like a stranger trespassing carelessly yet disturbing nothing, harmless, free.
He stood in the window looking out at the town below, looking at all he had, and all he had done.
The clear sky punctuated by light as though buckshot had torn a vale of darkness with reckless
abandon. He stared down seeing the shops and houses. Some lights on, empty streets.

As he turned from the window he saw them both, two men. They were his friends, they seemed
to come and greet him, he didn't hear them come in. He sat on the bed, head hanging low.

"You know you didn't have to do it, there were other ways." One spoke.

He was a taller man, broad shoulders, dark hair. Sesh seemed to remember him being a soldier.
He seemed to remember him being a good friend.

"Maybe..." Sesh replied "but what? The daemon had torn through what was left! My life was in
danger! That foul priest had placed the curse and the body contorted violently, then bloated,
this was not the same body that was on the table minutes before. What should I have done?"

The tall man only stood there in response. The shorter man stepped forward. He was round, balding.
Sesh recalled him being just a worker down in the boiler room. His name started with a 't'. Tony?

"Sir... I do forgive you your wrong doings, I'm just confused at your actions. You were always a
good man. If you look deep maybe there's a way you could be again." the short man spoke.

"Thank you Tony. You were a hard worker, kept the island going. It's strange why the priest picked
you two. Tony always a good worker... keeping the heart's blood of the island pumping. Never once
had we fallen. And..." Sesh struggled.

He was struggling not for what to say, but for the tall man's name. It angered him. He knew this man
as a friend yet he remembered only the short man's name. He looked to see them. Perhaps seeing
their faces again would help.

"You... You were my friend. A soldier. No one ever took our towns and country. No one who challenged
us stood under your leadership... and my family was happy knowing you were there for us. You were
like an uncle to my son... my poor son." Sesh wept...

He stood to leave. He had to either fix or end things. He could not continue to live like this yet somehow
he knew there would be more. As he walked past the men they became faint. It seemed the wind
picked up their skin and flesh like dust, leaving nothing but cloths and bones. The bones spoke.

"We know this is hard for you Sesh. We believe in you, don't let loose what you learned in your mistake
of taking our lives. You must search for another way to stop the priest."

Then the bones and clothing too was swept up in the breeze and whipped through the room, then finally
out the window. Sesh continued out the door. Though the night had fallen. He could not sleep now.
There it is! I only vaguely know where this would end up chronologically, sometime in act two. If you enjoyed I fully intend to write the full story over time. I'm just not sure if it'll be a series, or one off. I'd prefer a series. I appreciate you all reading this and feel free to make any connections, I understand my grammar and punctuation can be horrible at times.

Thanks for reading!

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